Ultra Music Festival Documentary (VIDEO)
Yet one more reason to listen and win to K945 to win your way to the Ultra Music Festival in Miami courtesy of Interscope Records and K945! It truly is the ultimate experience... Listen to K945 and WIN!
Film Making In The SBC (VIDEOS)
By now, we've all seen a film in progress here in the SBC. It hasn't been here that long in the scope of things, but it's become common place. No one blinks when they hear the Clyde Fant Parkway is closed for a few hours on the K945 Accutrac Traffic reports for filming. Plus, no one r…
Another 2011 Movie Montage… Thing [Video]
I know ... I KNOW! We're all 2011'ed out and moved on to bigger and better things! (Unless you're a Mayan?)
But here's one more montage of movies from 2011 (and before ... just watch you'll see what I mean.)

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