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See Shreveport’s Own Natalie Hanson For A Good Cause!
Natalie's mom, Cheryl Miller, contacted me about this benefit over the weekend and I love how much this family does for our community! Please, please, please support if you have the means to do so! Remember, if you can't get out that evening, I'm sure they'll be happy for you to drop by with a donat…
Insert A Big Sigh Here… [VIDEO]
Our girl Natalie Hanson is out of the running on American Idol. I can't say I'm not disappointed, because I am. I had really hoped Natalie at least made it to the Top 24 so we could get the chance to vote her though to the end. I mean seriously, you can vote online this year and if there's one thing…
I’m Idol Annoyed!!!
I am sooo flippin' annoyed right now! I had a dinner with reps last night and made doubly, triply sure to set my DVR to make sure I recorded American Idol so I could watch it when I got home... And watch I did and that's why I'm so annoyed at AI for being ambiguous!!!
Natalie Advances To Vegas Week!!! [VIDEO]
Oh, you have no idea. I was eagle eying me some American Idol last night looking to see if I could spot our own Natalie Hanson on the screen. I didn't see her, but I was all over the internet last night looking for her.
Shreveport’s Own Natalie Hanson On American Idol!!! [VIDEO]
How cool is this!?!?! Our local Fox affiliate KMSS Fox 33 told us a Shreveport native, Natalie Hanson, had auditioned in New Orleans but couldn't tell us much more than that... So when the NOLA auditions came on, I was GLUED to the screen and totally bummed when I didn't see her. Well, that didn't l…