Probably the Most Artistic Way to Cut a Mango
You know the difference between just living and living well? Art. This guy gets it. He takes a mango (which is probably my favorite fruit) and instead of just peeling it and giving the person a cup of yummy fruit. He turns it into a flower...
My Eyeballs Have Been Deceived! Optical Illusion
Neat idea some folks in San Francisco had. They did some fancy camera tricks and made the hilly areas of San Fran nice and level. I'm sure there's more at work here than camera tricks and good balance. Then again maybe they're really good at Yoga or something...
Time Lapse of Cactus Flowers Blooming
This is a really cool and short video featuring a flowing cactus blooming. Short video that will have you saying "Preetty!" or "Feed me Seymour!" Who knows maybe both.
Your Own Personal Paparazzi
This is too cool it's a drone (quadracopter) that follows you around fliming you doing sport things via a big bulky watch thing. Look I'm not a scientist. Just watch the video.
Real Life Peter Griffin is Pretty Dang Awesome
If you love Family Guy you'll love Robert Franzese. Robert is a fellow who found some green pants old costume glasses and went to New York's Comic Con 2014 and blew everybody's mind. Not only does he look just like Mr Griffin but sounds like him too...

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