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Walmart Drops Paula Deen
And the hits just keep on coming. Walmart became the latest conglomerate to cut ties with celebrity chef Paula Deen in the wake of her n-word controversy.
‘Totally Biased’ Takes On Paula Deen Controversy
On Thursday's season finale of FX's "Totally Biased", host W. Kamau Bell weighed in on the Paula Deen "n-word" controversy by highlighting some tweets from the #paulasbestdishes hashtag which went viral as soon as the scandal broke. Check out the video..…
Paula Deen Fired from the Food Network
Despite her efforts to save face -- with not one but two apology videos -- that deposition stemming from a lawsuit which revealed her casual use of the n-word (as well as other seemingly racist actions) has cost Paula Deen her job at the Food Network.

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