Meet the Obamas’ Second Puppy, Sunny! [VIDEO]
The Obamas have a new dog and it's a Portuguese Water dog. The 1-year-old pup's name is Sunny and was introduced to the world via a tweet from First Lady Michelle Obama. This is apparently serious stuff, because the White House released a blog about the new dog, which is the Obamas se…
Proof! Animals Can Totally Be Jerks Too! [VIDEO]
I hate to admit this, but I have been the victim of jerk-like animal behavior. My Thoroughbred, Under Pressure, has jokingly mistaken my pony tail for hay, insinuating it had a rough course nature. He also thinks its funny to brace his front legs wide apart in front when I'm mounting, insinuati…
The World’s Funniest Dog Video
You might wonder how I can legitimately call this the world's funniest dog video. Obviously, humor is subjective, but 31 million plus views on YouTube can't be wrong...especially when it hasn't even broken 3,000 thumbs down!
A Cat’s Diary [VIDEO]
It's Monday, you're a little sad to be back at work/school and a pick me up is clearly needed. No reason to be morose! Check out this cat's diary to see how bad it really could be!
Amazing Border Collie Doing 50 Amazing Tricks
Well, I hate to say it but watching this video will make you think your dog is a bit slow. Here's a Border Collie named Zoe doing 50 tricks. My parents dogs know 3 tricks. 1) Eat food off my plate. 2) Sleep taking up the whole couch. 3) Pee on the floor by the door.
Cat Stalks a Duck for Lunch — You Wont Believe How This Video Ends
In the animal kingdom, its survival of the fittest. Domestic cats have that killer instinct like a lion. The only real difference is cats have a reliable source of food, their food bowl. So even though the instinct is there it's not homed. Case in point this video with a twist ending that would…
Check Out Highlights From Puppy Bowl IX
In case you forgot, a little something called the Super Bowl went down yesterday. Alicia Keys rocked the National Anthem, Beyonce was as fierce as they come and the commercials were awesome. There's also one very underrated part of Super Bowl Sunday that often goes unnoticed-- the Puppy Bowl!

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