Hot Dogs Rock [PICS]
I got my husband a bullmastiff puppy for Christmas and ever since then, it's all been about baby Bella. What about our sweet mini-mastiff, Mikey? Huh? Okay, fine. He's not really a mini-mastiff, he's a Daschund and in my humble opinion, doxies rock!
Miley Cyrus Rescues Another Dog
We're starting to suspect that Miley Cyrus might love dogs more than she loves her fiancé, Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth. The singer/actress has rescued another pooch, this one named Bean!
Meet Bella – My Christmas Gift to My Husband
Meet Bella. Bella is a Bullmastiff puppy and she's the newest member of our family. My friend Christine had a friend who just had puppies around Thanksgiving and since Keith has ALWAYS wanted a Bullmastiff, guess what I got him for Christmas...
11 Hilarious Halloween Memes
Aah! Halloween! Halloweenhalloweenhalloween! Just because it's our favorite holiday doesn't mean we can't have a little laugh at its expense. Or our own. Wait who's laughing at whom? What's going on? We ate too much candy corn and now everything is confusing. Happy Halloween…
This is How a 77-Pound Weeny Dog Exercises [VIDEO]
This video is not funny or exciting. The more I watched it, the more I though, 'Wow, that poor puppy.' Meet Obie the obese Dachshund. Apparently, he's on a mission to lose some weight. More specifically, the dog needs to drop 40 lbs. That's a whole lot for a small breed dog.
Cute Funny Pics To Spice Up Your Tuesday
I have traveled from one side of the internet to the other during the past week. And by that I mean folks have been emailing me pictures and I've been uploading them to my Facebook page. Now is the time to release the Kraken that is 'Cute Funny Pics.'

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