Hefner Wants Lindsay Lohan To Cover Up A Bit
So the initial story ... Lohan was showing EVERYTHING in Playboy Magazine and getting a million dollars to do so. (Cool story bro?) Hugh said you know, lets not show everything... let's class it up a bit.
Lindsay Lohan Poses For Playboy
The "Lohan's need money - nuke option" has been activated ... and is already in the can as it were ... TMZ reports Lindsay Lohan has just wrapped up a 4 day shoot with Playboy. And she's baring it all.
123 Fall Ill After Night in Playboy Hot Tub
Last February, Hugh Hefner and his posse held a fundraising event at the notorious Playboy mansion.
And though many decadent, debaucherous parties lead to a few exchanged diseases, this one resulted in over 100 people reporting pneumonia and flu-like symptoms after the evening's shindig came to …