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Bad Lip Reading of Inauguration 2013 [VIDEO]
Was Beyonce really the only one lip-synching at the 2013 inauguration? According to popular YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading, the answer is "no." Watch the group's hilarious take on President Obama's inauguration ceremony.
President’s Victory Speech (VIDEO)
After a hard-fought campaign against former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney, Barack Obama won a second term as President of the United States by winning both the popular and electoral vote. Here's his victory speech.
New Obama On “SNL”
"Saturday Night Live" cast member Jay Pharoah will take over the role of President Barack Obama when the long-running sketch show begins new episodes this week.
Watch Obama ‘Sing’ Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’
During an appearance on ‘David Letterman’ last week, Justin Bieber wouldn’t say if he would vote for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election. (Of course, he doesn’t actually get to make that decision, as the 18-year old is a citizen of Canada and not the United States.)

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