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Are You Roller Derby Material? [Quiz]
Not gunna lie, I have been creeping on the Twin City Knockers, local roller derby team, on Facebook for a while now. I am a total fan girl. They seem like the toughest chicks out there and I inspire to channel that kind of confidence.
Twin City Knockers Back in Action This Saturday [AUDIO/VIDEO]
I'm intrigued by roller derby. Maybe because my buddy Ayo was so involved with one of the teams in Dallas? Perhaps my interest stems from the episode of Brett Michael's Rock of Love where his love interests compete for his heart while 'derby-ing?' Heck, roller derby is so big, th…
Twin City Knockers Final Bout of the Year this Saturday! [AUDIO]
Vindictive Vixen, Dirty D. Ann and Breasaurus of Shreveport's Twin City Knockers stopped by the K945 studios today to pimp their final bout of the year... against rival team the Cenla Derby Dames. There's some history between these two teams so this Saturday's bout promises to be…
Twin City Knockers Action!
The Derby Girls of the Twin City Knockers not only like to kick some serious a$$, they like to stay busy! My girl Bre aka Breasaurus reached out to me today to give us the low down on what's going on in Knocker land!
Twin City Knockers Help Chimp Haven
As you know, another chimp has turned up pregnant at Chimp Haven (count 'em, that's THREE unplanned pregnancies!) and the Twin City Knockers are ready to help! They're not specifically trying to stop getting them 'knocked' up, they're just helping in general... but stil…

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