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Christian Bale Unexpectedly Drops Out of Steve Jobs Biopic
Christian Bale has abruptly pulled out of Danny Boyle's planned Steve Jobs biopic, just two weeks after entering discussions with Sony Pictures and Boyle over playing the iconic Apple CEO. Though Bale hadn't officially signed for the part (and hadn't even begun contract negotiations),…
Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs (VIDEO)
He may look like Kelso from "That '70s Show", but Ashton Kutcher's all business as he plays the role of the late software pioneer Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic "jOBS", co-starring Josh Gad ("1600 Penn") as Apple co-founder Steve Woz…
Ashton Kutcher As…Steve Jobs?
Variety reports that "Two and a Half Men" star Ashton Kutcher has been cast in the role of Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic of the late Apple co-founder.
iGhost? ‘Steve Jobs’ Sighted at Pittsburgh Bar
As Apple unveiled its new iPad, the Twittersphere exploded when a user in Pittsburgh spotted someone who looked like the late Apple CEO sitting at a bar and working on a laptop. Before you start with the “Steve Jobs walks into a bar” jokes, check out the full photo below.

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