Rihanna Gets Another Tattoo on Her Hand in New Zealand [VIDEO]
While in New Zealand, Rihanna added to her ever-growing tattoo collection. But this was not an ordinary inking. The 'Stay' songstress got a ta moko (or moko) tattoo on her hand, which is the style of a group of indigenous people in New Zealand and has a rough, raised appearance due to how …
10 Ridiculously Regrettable Disney Tattoos
Since tattoos are permanent and all, it's pretty important to choose a design you'll want to have for the rest of your life. The thing is, sometimes people don't exactly think about the whole 'forever' part of inking, and that's where hilarity comes prancing in.
Animated Tattoo’s With iPhones … Pretty Neat [Video]
Pretty cool video of what they're claiming is the world's first animated tattoo. Watch a weird looking dude get tattooed with a matrix code (which I was sad to find out is not about the movie) ... then the tattoo artist use an iPhone to pull up a youtube video.
Honestly? It's kinda ne…