Say Goodbye to AutoCorrect Fail
This is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen. Yeah, I get it you can talk to siri right now and ask her a question and she might answer it for you. I'm honestly a bit more impressed with the Andriod verision of Siri but really what I want the most is whatever is used in this tech demo…
Your Own Personal Paparazzi
This is too cool it's a drone (quadracopter) that follows you around fliming you doing sport things via a big bulky watch thing. Look I'm not a scientist. Just watch the video.
One of the Coolest Things About an Apple Laptop
I've accepted that I need a new laptop. I've had my old one now for 5 years. Which in computer years is older than a T-Rex. I came across this video that shows one of the coolest not as well known features about Apple's laptops. Color me impressed, and jealous...
Computer Assisted Cheese Dispenser
It's not a perfect technology, at all actually, but here's something kinda neat. A 3D printer printing with canned cheese.
You can't make up this kind of stuff.

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