time waster

OMG …. Soooooo Funny! [Video]
OK so most of the time when I sit and look at stuff online I might grin if it's funny. This video had me laughing so freaking hard. Best 35 seconds of my day!
I Don’t Understand What’s Going On Here [Video]
Pokeman the Musical ... put on by some potty mouthed college kids! (GET OFF MY LAWN!) ... Honestly I don't really get what's going on here ... other than there's some cute girls in this video.
Stop judging me. ... Stop it ... stoooop it!!!
Paint Ball Art [Video]
Imagine a paintball gun ... imagine close to 900 paintball guns all magically duct taped together that shoot bullets all at the same time.  Now imagine they ... you know what ... just watch this video.
Artsy Tattoo Video [Video]
Check this chick get a sleeve of non Disney - Alice in Wonderland on her arm ... turn your speakers off though the song that's accompanying it is terrible. Unless you're high on something I guess, then it's probably amazing.
You’re Getting Sleepy … Hypnotizing Video = SCIENCE! [Video]
Neat video that someone with too much time on their hands (or possibly the most nerdy person in America) put together.
Basically it's a bunch of balls on chains hung at different lengths and when swung at the same time make funky fresh patterns that would make even Cee-Lo Green ... green with jealous…