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And The First Dancer Down Is…
No one wants to be the first to go, but Tuesday’s eliminated contestant on Dancing with the Stars was all smiles after the show. For more on the amateur hoofer who got the boot, head to the jump…
“Two And A Half Men” Shuts Down For The Season
It's over for Charlie Sheen.
After a day of unhinged and unsolicited comments ripping his show's executive producer Chuck Lorre and assorted enemies -- Alcoholics Anonymous and Thomas Jefferson, among others -- the star finally went further than CBS and Warner Brothers Television …
Charlie’s New Blonde?
Are you a woman whose turn-ons include cocaine- and porn-star-scented kisses, unfathomable dysfunction and rehabbing sitcom stars in sweatpants? Alas, you may be out of luck, because it looks like Charlie Sheen has found someone new.
Will Ferrell Joins “The Office”
Dunder Mifflin is getting a visit from one of the best dunderheads around.
Will Ferrell will be joining The Office for its final four episodes of the season, playing a branch manager who is just as inappropriate as Michael Scott, NBC confirmed Wednesday.