Russian Teenagers Twerk On Stage, Spark National Scandal [VIDEO]
In America, twerking has rapidly became the usual. I kid you not, I saw THREE people twerking on the side of the road earlier today.
The fact that you can't tell if that was a joke or not, shows you how routine twerking has become here in the states.
The rest of the world? Not so much. Twerking has ca…
Is ‘Twerking’ Illegal? [VIDEO]
Rumors have been circling the internet over the last few days regarding the legality of 'twerking,' which is now in the limelight thanks to Miley Cyrus' interesting MTV VMA performance last month with Robin Thicke.
Elders React to Twerking [VIDEO]
'I like the fact that the dance emphasizes that big bottoms are not to be hidden or ashamed of!' That is an actual response by an older woman after seeing videos of twerking!
Watch Men Twerking to Classical Music in This NSFW Video
The real question is, are these guys better at twerking than Miley Cyrus? The video, entitled "Men at Twerk," showcases some questionable male dancing. We're not exactly sure what these guys were thinking when they decided to film themselves twerking and putting it on the Inte…