Can a Pair of Glasses Trick You Into Eating Less? [VIDEO]
For years, many diet experts have advised using smaller plates for our food. By doing so, normal portions look bigger and thus fool us into thinking we’ve eaten more than we have.
Now a group of Japanese researchers have taken that idea one further — they’ve crea…
1D in The Big D with K945
It's the hottest ticket of the summer and K945 and Columbia Records have your hook up. We'll send you and a friend to see One Direction along with K945 Practice Safe Text artist Manika at the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas, TX Saturday, June 23rd. We'll even take care of your hot…
Why Girls Don’t Fart (VIDEO)
My oh my!!! College Humor has gone and done it again! Why girls don't fart and other mysteries revealed!!! Guys!!! You owe me for posting this!

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