Now Or Never Moments With Outasight (VIDEO)
By now, you know K945 is giving you the chance to Get Your Game on With Outasight this Saturday at the Sandbar! What you don't know, is that Outasight's new song Now or Never is like my personal theme song. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new video of Now or Never moments...
America’s Got Talent: Episode 4 Review
We’re in Day Two of the New York portion of auditions for ‘America’s Got Talent,’ and the judges are prepared to see anything happen on that stage. Will Howard Stern make another kid cry with his decision? Will somebody finally break a couple of bones on this show? One of the greatest things about a…
SNL Takes On 50 Shades of Grey (VIDEO) (NSFW)
Earlier, I posted Ellen reading Fifty Shades of Grey... Which, of course, prompted more googlizing... and I found the SNL skit on 50 Shades for Mother's Day. This, my dear friends, is a true classic!

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