Target Emploee Gives EPIC Speech Before Black Friday
This video is simply pure gold. Of course you all know, Target get's extremely busy on Black Friday.
So busy that I believe every Target nationwide should hire a guy to stand in front of his peers and give a wonderful Braveheart-esque speech to the entire store.
Touching Veterans Day Video
Today is the one day a year where we say thanks to veterans and those who protect us each and everyday all over the world. Although, we should do that everyday.
Today you'll see touching pictures shared on social media. You'll hear amazing stories told on a variety of platforms...
Boxer Loses Then Brutally Attacks the Referee
This is just insane.
At the European Youth Boxing Championship in Zagreb, Croatia, things took a wild turn.
Two young boxers squared off named Vido Loncar and Algirdas Baniulis. By all accounts, it was a good, hard-fought match.
In the end, they gave Algirdas Baniulis the win...
Marine Survives Sniper Shot to the Helmet
This video is CRAZY!!!
I've truly never seen anything like it. A small groups of Marines stationed in Afghanistan were walking out of their compound. As they are approaching the doorway to the exit, one marine asks if there is cover from gunfire outside...
5 Minutes of Epic Prank Fails
It's very rare that something described as "epic" is actually epic. Just know that this video is EPIC.
This video will make you laugh out loud, so if you're in a situation where laughter is prohibited, I would strongly recommend watching this video later...
Watch How Quickly These Adult Elephants Help the Baby Elephant
This awesome footage comes to us from Switzerland at a popular elephant park.
In the video, we have a young elephant attempting to climb a small cliff. Of course the adult elephants can walk over it easily, barely lifting their feet. But for this little guy, the struggle is real...

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