Two Women Caught in the Act of Stealing a Beach Canopy
Summer... It's all about getting sun, drinking a little bit, tanning, and stealing. Wait, what??
This viral video is all over the web and shows two middle-aged women on the beach STEALING a canopy! What's worse, the guy filming owns everything they are attempting to steal!
Farrah Abraham’s ‘Tape’ is Out Today… [VIDEO]
WHAT would YOU do #IF??? #TeamVivid @Keek
May 2, 2013| Source:
Apprently, Farrah Abraham from MTV's Teen Mom feels like she has an awesome body. She's 21 and tired of feeling alone because of jerk boyfriend after jerk boyfriend treat her badly and try to get close because of he…
A New iPhone is Like a New Girlfriend [VIDEO]
CollegeHumor's Favorite Funny Videos
It's scary because it's so dang true!!! Check out what College Humor came up with as they explore these two fragile relationships! I have to admit, I buy my iPhone 5 a lot of accessories it doesn't need too...
Kitty Talk (VIDEO)
Ever wonder what your cats are up to when you're not looking? It's far more sinister than you think...
“Big Bang Theory”‘s Flash Mob (VIDEO)
The cast and crew of TV's "The Big Bang Theory" surprised producers by breaking into a flash mob to the tune of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" during a recent taping before a live audience.

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