Watch This ‘Gangnam Style’ Wedding Video Homage
A San Francisco-area couple used various Bay Area locations, including their wedding, as the set for their homage to the viral Korean rap video "Gangnam Style" by PSY. Watch it all the way to the end for some hilarious bloopers.
Who’s He Talking To? (VIDEO)
Clint Eastwood's speech at the Republican National Convention Thursday night was the worst-kept secret of the week. However, the highlight of his address was when he spoke to an empty chair representing President Obama. This was not doctored, by the way.
Kelly Clarkson Does Eminem (VIDEO)
Kelly Clarkson unleashed her rarely seen edgy side when she performed a cover of Eminem's "Lose Yourself" during a concert in the rapper's hometown of Detroit. Watch the video and tell us how you think she did.
“Idol” Champ Pranked (VIDEO)
"American Idol" Season 10 champ Scotty McCreery took an improptu stage dive during a concert in Bethel, NY Friday and has headliner Brad Paisley to thank for it.
Overreact Much? (Video)
Twi-hard Emma Clark posted a video on YouTube of her reaction to the devastating news of Kristen Stewart cheating on co-star Robert Pattinson with director Rupert Sanders.  Chris Crocker, eat your heart out!
Six-Year-Old Drum Prodigy (VIDEO)
Jaxon Smith may be only six years old, but he can more than hold his own against any pro drummer. Watch as he rocks out to the Foo Fighters' "Pretender".
6-Year-Old Rapper – Is It Child Abuse?
Albert Roundtree, Jr. is a 6-year-old rap "prodigy" whose "Booty Pop" video -- which he isn't even allowed to watch -- is causing controversy even among hip-hop circles, with some even calling it "child abuse." What do you think?

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