Comedian Pokes Fun at Mary J. Blige’s Burger King Commercial
Last week, Mary J. Blige received some backlash from critics for singing about crispy chicken wraps in a Burger King commercial. The ad was mostly criticized for perpetuating old stereotypes about blacks and their love for fried chicken. Although Burger King pulled the commercial from their YouTube …
The Anti Pitbull Guy Is Back NSFW (VIDEO)
This dude is sooo full of himself. He did the anti Pitbull video not long ago PITBULL SUCKS and he's also spoken out against the Kony movement. This is the response to his haters. Apparently, he's being bullied now. I frankly find his language bullying and at the least, very offensive. The racial an…
Guy Cries On The Slingshot NSFW (VIDEO)
As you've probably heard me mention, I generally keep MTV on in the background (on silent of course) when I'm in the studio. I saw this video on MTV's Ridiculousness yesterday and DIED laughing!

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