Dogs Never Cease To Amaze Me!!!
My  pups do some pretty amazing things! They are incredibly empathetic and quick to learn! This video is simply further proof of that! Apparently, only one year of preparation went into this! Take that Cesar Millan!
10 Kids Completely Freaked Out By the Easter Bunny
Somewhere along the way, an egg-toting, gift-giving rabbit became associated with the Easter holiday. We assume that soon after, sadistic parents decided that it would be fun to make sure any likeness of this generous rabbit should be creepy and frightening so they can take pictures and video of the…
Star Wars Dancing Game [Video]
Complete with dance moves like the force push, the mind trick and wookie hug and your favorite songs with all new words to make them star wars appropriate.
George Lucas destroyed another piece of my childhood. *sigh*
Five-Year-Old Comedian Zay Zay Skewers His Lazy Parents
In his latest video, five-year-old comedian Zay Zay rails against lazy parents and plots delicious revenge against his slothful dad. Sure, kids can be helpful around the house. But, if this video is any indication, you may want to think twice before you ask them to fetch you something to drink.

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