Guy Catches a Foul Ball Barehanded with a GoPro on his Head [VIDEO]
1 in 1000. That's your chances of catching a foul ball at a professional or semi-professional baseball game.
Those odds aren't great. What are the odds you catch a foul ball barehanded? I can't even begin to calculate that.
What are the odds you catch a foul ball barehanded with a GoPro strapped to yo…
Man Lights and Smokes a Joint on Live Television [VIDEO]
A marijuana activist in South America appeared on a major news network and smoked weed live on television!
The two anchors were actually mid-conversation when he lit it, so they didn't even notice it! I think he thought he would get booted right away, but when they didn't notice him, he jus…
Does this Footage Show Rihanna Snorting Cocaine??? [VIDEO]
We all know Rihanna likes to party, but I never viewed her as someone in love with the CoCo!
Yesterday, a video showed up showing RiRi and friends hanging out. In this video, Rihanna sits in the background, straw in hand. When she noticed she was on camera, she visible acted surprised and her demeano…

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