Skier Flips Directly Into a Tree [VIDEO]
Some people have all the talent in the world, but can't seem to use their brain. TYhis guy qualifies here.
My man pulls off a nice front flip while skiing in Japan, but the dummy didn't look where he was going. He then took a rough, perfect landing right in a tree...
Weatherman Goes Nuts During a Thunderstorm [VIDEO]
Jim Cantore, legendary weatherman on the Weather Channel.
Who knew he loved lightning SO much? He was in Massachusetts doing a story on the intense snowstorm. Then it turned into a thunderstorm/snowstorm and Jim went BONKERS
Every time the lightning struck, the guy went berserk...
Kid Describes His First Kiss [VIDEO]
There's a video making the rounds showing Griffin after his first kiss.
Griffin is young, maybe 6 or 7 years old. Props to him for getting the first kiss so soon, it took me like 15 years!
Watch this Water Bounce Off Water-Resistant Metal [VIDEO]
Man I love you science! Videos like this just blow my mind!
Folks at the University of Rochester have developed a new type of metal that is EXTREMELY water-resistant. I don't mean the type of resistant where the water just kinda sticks to and rolls off. I mean this water bounces off that sucker …

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