Watch this Water Bounce Off Water-Resistant Metal [VIDEO]
Man I love you science! Videos like this just blow my mind!
Folks at the University of Rochester have developed a new type of metal that is EXTREMELY water-resistant. I don't mean the type of resistant where the water just kinda sticks to and rolls off. I mean this water bounces off that sucker …
Hero Monkey Saves His Monkey Friend
This video could be the best of 2014. Snuck in at the last moment, and I've never seen anything like it.
Two monkeys were playing around on some high tension wires at a train station in India. When all of a sudden, one monkey received a large electric shock. The electricity knocked the monkey ou…
Woman Misses the EASIEST ‘Millionare’ Question Ever
We all know the hit TV show, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". Chances are, you or I would no doubt the get the first question right. Heck some of us may even get the second one right... I don't know about the 3rd and on though.
My point it, the first question is a given...
Frozen Lake in Slovakia is Crystal Clear
One of the coolest videos shared around the web last week featured featured a frozen lake in Slovakia.
Now I'm sure you're saying,"What's so cool about a frozen lake?"
Well, this lake was frozen, but remained perfectly clear. Really, I'm not sure I've ever se…
Porta-Potty Gets Launched into the Air Like a Rocket [VIDEO]
We do weird stuff.
That what makes us awesome.
That's also what makes YouTube awesome.
There's a rocketing around the web showing a porta-potty launched hundreds of feet in the air. Don't worry though, no porta-potties were hurt while making this video, as they thoughtfully equipp…

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