Video of a Weak Tracy Morgan in Walker
It's rare these days to see current videos of Tracy Morgan. After the wreck that nearly took his life, the actor seems like a shell of his former self.
Last week he was spotted entering a New Jersey post office. As he was being filmed, he didn't say much, all he stated was that he's &a…
And Now, a Bug Zapper in Super Slow Motion
This is surprisingly one of the craziest things I've ever seen on YouTube. One of my favorite YouTube accounts has to be The Slow Mo Guys.
Basically, they do awesome things in slow motion. I mean, these guy's take things that are normally awesome, and then show them in slow motion, which in…
Blowing Cash Prank, Awesome Video
I love the evolution of the "Prank".
Here's the definition...
I think someone should consider modifying the definition. These days you see more and more of these reverse pranks. Where you mislead someone or "prank" someone only to reveal that they are indeed th…
News Crew Accidentaly Captures a Drug Deal on Live TV
This video is actually a year old, but is just now making the rounds... Funny how this internet thing works, right?
The video comes to us from Massachusetts and features a reporter speaking on all the snow they had gotten as of late. When all of a sudden, in the background, a drug deal goes down...
Baby Think’s Dad’s Cough is Hilarious
It's true, babies will laugh at anything. I'm a dad myself, I have a 2 year old daughter and another daughter on the way! I know one of the funniest parts about being a dad is finding out strange ways to make your kiddo laugh.
Really, you never know what will set the baby off into a tirade …
Guy Goes over 200 MPH on a Bicycle
Some videos are so awesome, all you really need to get someone's attention, is the title.
This is that video.
My man hopped on a rocket-powered bicycle and broke a world record, going 207 miles an hour.
The video also shows him drag racing against a Lamborghini and it's not even …

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