Ellen Scares The You-Know-What Out Of Jake Gyllenhaal
Ellen is quite possibly the funniest human on the planet. One of the best parts about her show, the scares!
She has a long history of frightening her special guests. Sometimes she'll hide in their dressing room, other times she'll have a character of sorts sneak up behind the guests on set.…
Hilarious “Chainsaw Massacre” Prank
One of my favorite things on YouTube has to be prank videos. Add a little Halloween twist, all of a sudden I've watched this video 76 times today.
Russian YouTuber, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, has found extreme success with his prank videos.
His latest depicting "Chainsaw Massacre"…
Guy Finds a Rare Card in his “Magic” Pack and FREAKS OUT
I can honestly say I never got into gaming cards. I remember at Walnut Hill a group of my friends doing it, I just never really got into it.
This guy, is very very very much into it. My man has a YouTube channel called 'Openboosters' where he opens packs of vintage "Magic: The Gath…
Over 100 Sharks Invade the Beach
Wow... If you picked this day to go to the beach, you have horrible luck.
I remember once while I lived in Destin, a shark coming close to the shore. It was pure chaos as folks were screaming and running around and some even left the beach all together...
A Paralyzed Bride Walks Down the Aisle with Her Dad
This is an extremely touching story, a tear-jerker. You've been warned.
Gina Giaffoglione is 27 years old. She's been engaged to her boyfriend for quite some time. Her wedding finally comes around and this video shows her walking down the aisle with her dad...
Kid’s React to “Skip-It”
This is one of those posts that will definitely make you feel old.
I'm 23 and I feel ancient!
The Fine Brothers are back with this reaction video that featured the popular 90's toy, Skip It!
In the video, they give eleven kids the toy, and get their immediate reaction...
The Toilet Paper Gun, Weaponry at it’s Finest
This video makes me want to learn their ways and go rolling immediately!
It would have been so easy with the toilet paper gun! Sure it would make a lot of noise, but you'd be done so quickly they'd never catch you!
OK, my man and his son made a homemade TP gun...

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