Son Buys Mom Her Dream Car
Gotta heart-warming story for you here! Corey Wadden has a goal a little different than most guys his age.
He hopes that by the time he turns 25, he'll set his mom up for retirement. He's on the right track!
His mom has always wanted a 1973 Saab 99 EMS...
FedEx Workers Who Couldn’t Care Less [CAUGHT ON CAMERA]
So you're expecting a package... You wait and wait and wait then finally it shows up. Maybe the box has a small dent in it or its banged up a little but you don't think much of it.
This video will certainly make you think a little harder next time you get a box that not in mint condition...
95 Year Old Lady Goes Bungee Jumping
Sometimes I come across a video so amazing, so inspiring, so down-right awesome, that it needs no real introduction.
Here we have a 95 year old lady bungee jumping.
Yep, that's all I got.
Oh and this jump makes her the oldest bungee jumper EVER...
Couple Nearly Struck by Lighting While Recording Themselves
Thank goodness for cameras. You know this is the type of story that no one would believe... Unless you caught it on video!
This couple is lucky to be alive today and have footage to prove it!
They were vacationing in Mexico and decided to pull out the GoPro camera to record whatever it is they were do…
Three Year Old Girl Defies Gravity at the Fair [VIDEO]
Wow. Just wow. That's I could say after a friend shared this video with me today.
Here we have an adorable three year old girl just enjoying a playhouse at the fair. Of course you all have seen the playhouses at the Louisiana State Fair that have the spinning tunnel at the end, right...
15 Month Old Controls 500 People and LOVES It
This is a pretty amazing video.
We're going up to the great state of North Carolina. Summer camp is on and in full swing at Camp Rockmont. It's not clear how this came about, but somehow an adorable 15 month old found himself in front of a group of about 500 people...
Guilty Dog Feels Bad for Stealing a Toy From a Baby
This is just too good. This is why dogs are AWESOME!!!!
Here we have an adorable baby and an adorable beagle. Combine those two things and 9 times out of 10, you gotta great video!
Here's the scoop... The dog takes a baby toy that the baby clearly wanted to play with...
Guy Pours Beer With His Head [VIDEO]
Every now and then, the human body simply does amazing things.
Like Usain Bolt running around a track.
Like LeBron James dunking a basketball.
Like Steve-O doing whatever it is that he does.
And now, like this man, who can pour a beer with his head...

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