Insane Hail Storm in Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Oh man, is there any weather worse than hail? Huge chunks of ice falling from the sky. Damaging cars, roofs, and everything else. I've seen hail in my life but nothing like what they had in Gatlinburg, TN.
Couple Nearly Struck by Lighting While Recording Themselves
Thank goodness for cameras. You know this is the type of story that no one would believe... Unless you caught it on video!
This couple is lucky to be alive today and have footage to prove it!
They were vacationing in Mexico and decided to pull out the GoPro camera to record whatever it is they were do…
Winter Weather Driving Tips [VIDEO]
Winter is upon us and so is inclement weather. I always get a little freaked out driving in Winter weather conditions, so I wanted to share a few tips that I found online to keep you and your families safe!
Florida Band Finds Out About Snow First Hand [VIDEO]
My buddy Leisa St. John manages bands and one of the ones she works with got a surprise! Junior Doctor, a band out of Florida, was traveling cross country last week and just happened to encounter Winter Storm Yogi in Wyoming. Keep in mind, the boys are from Florida and their idea of winter…
The Storms Coming… Gotta Get Bread and Milk! [VIDEO]
After the crazy weather all over the country this weekend, this made me laugh my rather large and shapely arse off! We've all been there, whether it's a snow storm, a hurricane, whatever, people are going to freak... and others are going to make fun of them...

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