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Tapping For Weight Loss? [VIDEO]
This may sound ridiculous, but tapping on your face just might help you lose weight. Okay, it might be a little more involved than that, but not much. I don't care how ridiculous it all sounds, if it works, you know I'll be screaming it from the roof tops...
Scientific Weight Loss Tips [VIDEO]
I have been working out like crazy for the new year. I found a trainer and he kicks my butt twice a week and offers an additional boot camp session on Saturdays. Ever since he got a hold of me, no liquid other than water has passed my lips.
Can a Pair of Glasses Trick You Into Eating Less? [VIDEO]
For years, many diet experts have advised using smaller plates for our food. By doing so, normal portions look bigger and thus fool us into thinking we’ve eaten more than we have.
Now a group of Japanese researchers have taken that idea one further — they’ve crea…

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