Kid Shows off Gangsta Magic
I'm not sure what to make of this video to be totally honest. I mean, it starts out innocently enough kids walking by a camera when suddenly MAGIC! And thug life? Huh?
The internet is weird.
Computer Man Song is 80’s Weird
I'm not sure if this is amazing or amazingly strange, however it's out there. A Canadian kid show put together this video I only assume in the 80s based on the dancing and graphics.
Check it out.
Did a Fisherman Reel in the Kraken??
If I was fishing, and I reeled in this sucker, I truly don't know what I'd do.
Actually, I would probably do exactly what this man did. Video is and pray to God that someone knows what it is.
It looks like something straight out of your worst nightmare...
Is This the Most Awkward Wedding DJ Ever?
I found a classic video that boggles my mind to this day. It starts out innocently enough: A wedding party doing the conga, when suddenly the DJ does something so out of left field your jaw will be left hanging open.

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