Science Says Men Suffer More From the Flu Than Women
On one hand, you finally have vindication for all the times you were accused of "complaining too much." On the other hand, Assistant professor Sue uses the term "immunologically inferior," to describe men in his study - so I'm sure you'll hear that phrase again.
Is Social Media Ruining Your Relationship?
34% of Women and 62% of men have admitted to checking their partners cell phone or social media and read through messages. Many people claim their partners pay more attention to their phones than to them when they're together. Have you done the same?
Waitress Gets Unexpected Tip About Where She Belongs
According to KSLA, in South Carolina a waitress received a not so nice tip from a couple she had been serving. The note said:
"Thank you for your excellent service today – your a good waitress.
Heres your tip:
The woman's place is in the home...

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