Me and my friends have a term that we use that no one really understands. It's even kind of hard to find documentation to show you what it means. It's a word called tenso. Basically, it's a word of Brazilian origin that people describe when you look at a picture and something you don't originally see "pops" out and therefore brings a completely different meaning to it.

For example... let's take this Katy Perry picture...

It's a series of a photo, zoomed in to show something otherwise hidden in the picture. Sometimes the tenso face is replaced by everyone else in the picture, which really IS kinda tenso.

You can use it with anything...

We have taken that word to a whole new level. It describes awkward moments, those moments where you don't know what to say, etc.

So, like when the guy at Wendy's asked why we didn't want to go on a date with him since we must like chocolate because we ordered chocolate frosties... THAT was tenso.

You should try using it in your every day speech too. I have found it has bridged a gap in the English language. It started between me and my friend Heather and now my boyfriend and other people around us say it. It's just that perfect word to describe what otherwise can't be described...which can be kinda tenso too.