Charlie Sheen’s roast Monday night set the record of being the highest watched roast on Comedy Central ever. Everyone was slinging around nasty remarks but the most shocking comment wasn’t about Charlie’s drug use or lifestyle but a remark comedian Amy Schumer said to Steve-O about his recently deceased friend Ryan Dunn. She said that Steve-O probably wondered why Ryan died instead of him and that we all wondered the same thing. Amy got some Twitter backlash over that joke but she refuses to back down. She told Radar Online that the joke is about roasting Steve-O and a dig at Ryan Dunn. She said that she hopes people will understand that.

Steve-O didn’t let her comment keep him from being a Jackass. He said he wanted to feel fellow roaster Mike Tyson’s fist on his face. He had Mike hold his fist out twice while Steve-O took a running, face-first dive into it. Steve-O ended up with a broken nose and a black eye. Charlie Sheen just tweeted the pic of Steve-O’s battered face.

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