Reality Steve is known for his accurate Bachelor spoilers and he’s leaking us info on The Bachelor 2012. We already know that Ben Flajnik is the Bachelor and the season won’t premiere until January 2nd, but we need more details than that. So where will Ben ask his true love to marry him during the rose ceremony and where will he sweep them off their feet on hot dates? In Matterhorn, Switzerland! Now out of 22 seasons, Reality Steve thinks this will be the best scenic proposal they’ve ever come up with, but there is one little problem that he foresees. They are going to be there in November when the average high is 46 and the low is 35! As Reality Steve so delicately put it, ‘it might be one hell of a view, but putting two women out there in final rose ceremony dresses at the base of the Matterhorn, well, let's just say it might get a bit nipply out there.’

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