When I was younger I was extremely into sports, and as active as I could possibly be playing soccer, basketball, swimming and football. Like many others over the years for one reason or another I have slacked off and gained weight erasing any evidence of my younger fitter self. I am looking to change that, but it's not going to be easy. As a former athlete it is best that I put a challenge in front of me to motivate myself, so at the end of March I'll be running the Roy's Kids 5k!

A 5k is 3.1 miles which I know I can easily walk, but my goal is to run the entire course. I have been dieting and once the rain stops I will be hitting the tracks preparing for my run. I have a two year old daughter so I am very limited as to where I can go and what type of exercise I can do.

That is where I hope you can help me. I need advice. Parents what is the easiest exercise to do with them involved or that they can be around? Is there a certain diet that'll help me in my training? Reach out on our Facebook page to let me know how I can get ready for this race.

Please join me at the 5k on March 31st in Shreveport click HERE for more details!