Each week, check out our favorite four words, apps, tv, movies and web videos! 

Favorite Word this week:
KIDD: Lothario. Never heard it til Jenna said it and then Steve Carell said it.
KELLIE: Cattywampus
AL: Ointment---someone sent me a comment on Facebook and told me to say something funny on their wall. I sent them the word "ointment" ---they sent me back "lol"
J-Si: Discombobulated... because it is fun to say
JENNA:  Satiate

Favorite New App?
KIDD:The new Skype for the iPad
KELLIE: The Apple Genius showed me Pages, which looked cool. But it costs $9.99 so I'm thinking, no.
AL: Dates Near Me
J-Si:  My flashlight app... it came in handy last night when my power went out and its free... and it turns into a strobe light!
JENNA: Lustr Fashion Finder-shows brands and all stores with sales they are having in your area

Favorite TV EPISODE or MOVIE from the last week?
KIDD: Modern Family rerun last night (TV) Jesse Eisenberg in "The Education of Charlie Banks"
KELLIE: Because I don't want to spoil Crazy, Stupid Love by revealing my favorite scene, I will choose my favorite scene from The Bachelorette -- and that's right after Ashley rejects Ben's proposal -- HIS reaction was fabulous. It was like, "Is that it then?" and the dude just walked away and didn't use up his last few moments of airtime trying to make Ashley feel good about herself. BRAVO, Ben.
AL:  America's Got Talent
J-Si:  Real World vs Road Rules Challenge: Rivals... I dont know why, but I love the show.
JENNA: movie - Paper Heart

Favorite web video this week: 
**Caution Adult content or imagery
*KIDD: Very adult but very funny. Not Giving a #&*% by John LaJoie
KELLIE:Taylor Swift rapping to Eminem's "Lose Yourself"
*AL:  Wal-Mart Mr Ghetto New Orleans bounce
*J-SI: The newswoman having a whoopsie when describing a man with a lot of cats
*JENNA: How to be Tight

What's your Fave 4? Post your comments below!