January 12, 2011

Charlie Sheen is spotted with Bombshell McGee...Plus what award show will Britney preform at?...And is Khloe Kardashian pregnant?

It's a small world when it comes to Hollywood mistresses. We told you yesterday how Charlie Sheen was spotted in Vegas with multiple escorts and Bombshell McGee was one of them. Does that name ring a bell? It should because she was Jesse James' mistress #1. The one with the Nazi tattoos. Bombshell supposedly hung out for hours in Charlie's room with another woman, but it seems to be the first time they had met. In other news, Charlie somehow made it back to the set of Two and Half Men on time yesterday morning.

Huge Britney news hit the web yesterday with the release of her new single. Will she be performing at the Grammy's in February?! MTV reported that they heard from someone on her team that she has been rehearsing incessantly for her performance, thought it won't be the opening act. Now, her rep released a statement yesterday saying that no performance has been confirmed. So only time will tell if she is or isn't!

Who's going to have Sammi's back now that Ronnie is done with her? Yes, the couple we don't care about on Jersey Shore has broken up. Sammi and Ronnie have managed to weather the storm together, but it's all over now. It's unclear who broke it off first, but Sammi did start un-friending all of Ronnie's friends on facebook.

It must be really hard when everyone starts speculating that you're pregnant and you're really not. Khloe Kardashian has had to deal with this before but it's gotten out of hand in the last few days. Khloe looks like she may have

fluctuated a few pounds and the media is all over it. Her sisters are either really good at lying or she really isn't pregnant. They didn't outright deny it but they did laugh it off and say it's like she's pregnant every other week when she's not. Other sources have reported that she's definitely NOT pregnant YET.