January 14, 2011

Justin Bieber is rushed to the ER... Plus is A.J. Maclean headed back to rehab?... And is Lebron James cheating on his fiance?

Justin Bieber was hospitalized for an allergic reaction yesterday! He is reprising his role on CSI and while they were filming a scene, he started having breathing problems. He was rushed to the nearest hospital which was in Burbank, CA and treated for what his rep is only referring to as an allergic reaction to something. He was released and went right back to filming. He tweeted a photo of himself on set saying, "Last day on set as a badass. Gonna get deadly". Has anyone ever made it in and out of the ER in 30 minutes?

Horrible news for the NKOTBSB!! Backstreet Boy A.J. Maclean has had to leave the band to enter rehab. He has battled a cocaine and alcohol addiction for years and has given in again. He announced yesterday on Twitter that it's going to be a great year but he has to go and start his sober journey. Sources close to A.J. reveal that he's been out of control these last few months. Apparently on the cruise, his bandmates took notice and encouraged him to go get this taken of so they would be able to go on tour with NKOTB! Third time's a charm!

OHHH Lebron's fiancee isn't going to be happy to learn than he's cheating with a very hot celebrity. An LA paparazzi is claiming that he spotted Lebron and Ciara on a very secret date in Hollywood earlier this week. He said that Lebron came in to Maestro's alone and then minutes later Ciara came in alone. They ate together, touched foreheads and kissed the whole time. Lebron slipped out the back of the restaurant to avoid the photographers.

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds may not be together YET, but she loves what he does for baby Louis. They can't deny that they've been hanging out a ton and sources say that Sandra has introduced Louis to Ryan and they love each other. Sandra really wants a male figure in his life and feels like Ryan is that mature and responsible man for him. What Ryan wanted most with Scarlett was a baby and having this little one around has fulfilled something in him.