Yeah, you wish you had moves like Badger, I'm just hoping he shows up for this weekend's showdown between LSU and Alabama! He's back at practice and he's expected to play so let's hope he hits the field ready to show the Bama fans what LSU football is all about! Seriously, if this doesn't get you pumped for the game, you might get someone to check your pulse! Maroon 5 gets the LSU remix treatment turning Moves Like Jagger into Moves Like Badger. The song puts LSU’s star defensive back Tyrann Mathieu (nicknamed The Honey Badger for his badassness on-field) on a well deserved pedestal even though he's seen some trouble lately with his recent suspension due to a dirty drug test. Hats off to the The MoneyBadgerz who did the remix. You guys seriously rock! Honey Badgers are just crazy! On a serious note, watch the lyrics, there is some profanity:)