This morning the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show discovered a game I have been playing for quite sometime. Have you played it?

My brother introduced me to a game in the App Store called "Dumb Ways to Die" a few years back. The concept began as a public service announcement in Australia about train safety.

Now it's a game you and I can play on our phones or iPads for free.

In the game your job is to prevent the characters from doing stupid things and killing themselves. You could be flicking away piranhas, swatting bees, or removing a piece of toast from a toaster. The game is completely interactive and involves tapping or swiping the screen, tilting your phone or even blowing on it. Complete the task before time runs out and you save the character!

But that's not all.

Time speeds up each round, which means you need to bring your A game. You only have so many lives before the game is over. The more rounds you complete, the more characters you unlock.

Be careful though... It's addicting.