Here's a dog that is so hideously ugly I had to blur it out completely on the featured photo. I just wouldn't feel right hitting folks with that picture if they didn't expect it. Having said that, without further ado, here is the world's ugliest dog!

ABC via YouTube

His name is Peanut, a two-year old pup from North Carolina. Peanut is actually a very sweet dog who was injured pretty badly in a fire. Personally, I think the Ugliest Dog contest should be limited to only dogs who were born being hideous, not those that suffer nasty injuries that leave them ugly....

Poor Peanut lost his lips and eyelids in the fire. His owner, Holly Chandler, won $1,500 bucks in the contest, but says she doesn't think her dog is ugly. (Clearly you do or you would be in North Carolina sitting on the couch with him not entering him into a ugly dog competition in California!)

Congrats Peanut on the ugly honor!