5. This is Steve Carell's final season of "The Office," but didn't you kind of assume he'd be there until the last episode in May? Nope! Steve will leave with four episodes left to go, and the rest of the season will focus on replacing him at Dunder Mifflin paper company. That means is big goodbye will be in April.

4. Owen Wilson's girlfriend made him a daddy on Friday. After 18 hours of labor, Jade Duell gave birth to a little boy at Owen's $8 million oceanfront mansion in Maui. It was a water birth, and Owen was right there by her side when Jade popped out that 6 lbs., 13 oz. of baby. They've named him Ford Lynton Wilson. Owen and Jade met over a year ago on a flight from LA to DC and they've been dating ever since. She's a US Air Marshal, by the way.

3. Speaking of Owen, once upon a time he starred in "Zoolander" with his buddy Ben Stiller. Now Ben has confirmed that "Zoolander 2" is going to happen. Ben has finished the script and turned it in to the movie studio. He told "Empire Magazine" that the movie will show Derek and Hansel ten years later and will mostly be set in Europe. Ben says, ..."Though the last movie ended on a happy note, a lot of things have happened in the meantime." So Owen's back as Hansel and Ben says Will Ferrell is, too.

2. RadarOnline says Camille Grammer may be backtracking now, but it's true -- Kelsey Grammer likes to dress up in women's clothes. A source says Kelsey would dress up in lingerie and high heels before he and his wife would get busy -- which, according to Camille, didn't happen too often in the last years of their marriage. There are also photos of Kelsey wearing this stuff and several members of the media claim to have seen them. Reportedly, it's pretty kinky stuff. And if Kelsey doesn't cough up a lot of cash in the divorce, Camille is free and clear to write a tell-all book because there was no pre-nup.

1. Sure, a lot of people will be talking about who wore what last night at the Golden Globes, but the majority of the conversation will most likely be about Ricky Gervais. He held nothing back last night, targeting the biggest names in Hollywood with some pretty dark humor. The cameras would cut to the audience, and you'd see Alec Baldwin and Robert DeNiro cracking up, while others seemed to be laughing and wincing "Ouch!" at the same time. Everybody was talking about Ricky at the after-parties, wondering if he would make it out of Hollywood alive. Ricky even said, "The (Hollywood Foreign Press Association) doesn't want me. NBC doesn't want me. Scientologists are out to get me. Johnny Depp is going to beat me up in the parking lot. And America won't want me anymore after my athiest comment." But not everybody was upset with Ricky's jokes. Christian Bale, in fact, didn't thing he went quite far enough. But then again, he wasn't one of the comedian's targets. Olivia Wilde also said she thought Ricky was brilliant and hopes he gets to host every year.