This story will really pull at your heart strings. Connor was a 7-year-old kid who ended up talking his way backstage at WWE's Wrestlemania. The story, told by his father and several WWE wrestlers, shows how Connor stole the heart of every star he met that day.

WWE to many is just like a soap opera in that there story lines to follow and characters to get to know. It's good to see these celebrities being so cool to kids who in many cases idolize them -- especially someone like Connor, who was fighting cancer when the company made him a superstar for the day.

The video reminds me of when I was a kid how my dad and I would watch wrestling. It was a show we would watch every week. However, once I got into high school and really got wrapped up working in radio, and other school activities I tried to keep up with the stories via the Internet.

But I got to the point where I realized the magic was watching it; not reading recaps or seeing leaked production notes about what to expect.