I always thought that there was no way you could possibly delete everything that ties back to you from the internet. What about the phrase, "Nothing can be deleted on the internet." That is a think, right?

Well, not anymore. A group of developers from Sweden have created a website that specializes in what they like to call a "clean up" of your image on the web. According to Cosmopolitan, "The service essentially allows you to see all of the websites you're signed up to and then decide whether you'd like to delete or unsubscribe from them."

Okay, so this doesn't delete all those horrible videos of me dancing in my dorm room. Noted.

The process of cleaning up your online system involves giving away your email and password. However, one thing that really gave me a red flag about this website was the developers' statement to Cosmo. They said that 'they take users' privacy seriously and the info isn't stored on their servers'. RED FLAG ALERT! And I am not the only one getting that vibe.

If you are brave enough to give this a try click here for the website.