Have you ever wondered why you stink so damn much? This might help...

Reader's Digest recently broke down a list of six foods that will totally make you stink. So if your deodorant isn't doing the trick, you might want to blame your diet, especially if any of these six food items are digested regularly.


1.  Red meat.  It's hard to digest and leaves residue behind in your digestive tract, which mixes with bacteria and comes out in your sweat.

2.  Alcohol. Most of it gets metabolized by your liver. A tiny amount comes out in your sweat, so you end up smelling like a stale beer.

3.  Fish can make a few people smell bad. There's a metabolic disorder called "fish odor syndrome" where it makes your sweat smell fishy.  It's rare though, and you'd probably know if you had it. So would everyone around you.

4.  Broccoli and asparagus because they both have a lot of sulfur. They're good for you though, so don't stop eating them.  If they make you smell bad, try cooking them in boiling water instead of steaming them.

5.  Garlic. It has another sulfuric compound called allicin. It's not necessarily a bad smell though.  A few studies have found that some people are actually turned on by it.

6.  Coffee. It might not make you smell worse on its own, but stimulants like caffeine make you sweat more. So you could end up sweating out more of those other odors listed above.