There is a new internet "challenge" going around where people are eating Tide Pods with little to no concern for how dangerous this is. Seriously the fact that I'm evening having to write this post is ridiculous... But it's important for people to know that YOU SHOULDN'T EAT TIDE PODS! Kids from every generation have dared each other to do things, but this is just dumb.

Tide Pods like other detergents contain toxic materials that if ingested will make you sick and possibly worse. Some side effects of eating pods are vomiting, breathing difficulties, loss of consciousness, seizures and even death. Yes, there have been reports of people dying from eating Tide Pods! At the very least the surfactants which is used to remove stains, oils and dirt will cause you to become very ill.

I have a new challenge that I promise will not make you sick... In 2018 I challenge teens to use those Tide Pods and WASH THEIR CLOTHES!