Every Monday we will spotlight a different local charity on the Morning Madhouse with the idea of "Making Today A Better Day" by starting here at home. This week First Chance was nominated out of Shreveport!

First Chance is a charity dedicated to making sure every First Responder is equip with the latest in life saving kits for shootings or stabbings. The Belt Trauma Kits they provide for first res ponders are equipped with Z-Medica, QuickClot Gauze, SWAT-T Tourniquets and other items needed to help in extreme situations. These kits have saved many lives in our community including the victim of the El Compadre shooting last year.

With each kit costing over $60 they're always in need of donations!

If you would like more details about this amazing charity you can click HERE or if you'd like to donate to their cause you can do so HERE! Listen to our interview with President of First Chance Jessica Walker below...