The electronic board game, Enchanted Palace, dazzled little princesses everywhere. The objective: to save the queen, but don't let the evil witch turn you into a frog!

Milton Bradley debuted Enchanted Palace in 1994. It was a board game unlike any other. Each contender picked a princess; Rose, Violet, Sky, or Amber, to race through the castle and save the queen from an evil witch.

The game was operated by a magic wand, which would narrate what was happening. Each princess took turns navigating through seven rooms within the castle looking for items to save the queen; a lantern, a mirror and a key. Every room had its own sound effects when the wand was placed in the corresponding hole on the board.

Periodically throughout the game the witch would cast a spell on a room of her choice. Whoever was in the room would be turned into a frog. Their turn was then forfeited until the spell was reversed by another player.

The first princess to collect all three items was able to save the queen. She was awarded with a crown and the title of Princess of the Kingdom.

Enchanted Palace was mostly a game of chance, but the real gamers knew to never chose to be Amber... Amber never won.