Today's Throwback Thursday probably left the tooth fairy bankrupt with all the mouths it busted. Let's reminisce about Skip It, shall we?

There was a time in America where every young girl looked like she had a ball and chain as an accessory. These girls were filled with joy as the colorful contraption spun around their ankles.

Skip It was exercise disguised as fun!

Introduced by Tiger Electronics in the 1980s, Skip It was a plastic hoop around your ankle with a weighted ball attached to the other end. All you had to do was swing that ball around and jump over the other end. The ball also counted the number of revolutions completed by the skipper. Kids across America were challenged to consistently beat their high score with more and more skips.

You were considered a real pro if you could move your body forward while maintaining a fluid skip.

Skip It evolved over the years. You could buy various decorations to adorn your ball and chain. A whole line of ribbon streamers, charms and stickers were also created for girls to make Skip It their own.

In 2013, Hasbro created Twister Rave Skip It. This version features the same skipping motion, but incorporates a game in which you have to get all of the colors on the Skip It to light up. The longer you go, the brighter the colors glow.